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Hobbies and interests

I enjoy sports - swimming, jogging and lawn tennis. My wife Alma and I often go for walks in Turniškės, which is surrounded by a forest.

I also allocate some time for training our dog Sargis.

I like watching football, basketball, tennis and other games, both in the sports halls and on television.

Music and books take a considerable part of my free time. I particularly enjoy classical music. We have a rather large collection of classical music recordings at home. I go to various concerts whenever my agenda allows me. However, my free time per se is very limited.

One job I always find the time for is the press. I read Lithuanian dailies and magazines every day; I usually scan through the international press on the Internet. I also watch television programmes, mainly the news. I have a radio on my work desk, which I turn on whenever I have a spare minute.

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