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President Accepts Credentials from Ambassadors of India and Moldova

 Wednesday, November 21, Vilnius – President Valdas Adamkus received the letters of credence from Mr. Chandra Mohan Bhandari, Ambassador of the Republic of India, and Mr. Ion Ciornii, Ambassador of the Republic of Moldova.

 At the ceremony of the presentation of credentials of the Ambassador of India, President Adamkus expressed hope that the ever more dynamic cultural and academic contacts between our two countries would be further strengthened by closer economic ties. He emphasized that relevant bilateral economic treaties would also contribute to the development of economic relations between Lithuania and India.

Mr. Adamkus said that Lithuania was planning to open its consulate general in India next year and assign honorary consuls. He welcomed the newly appointed Honorary Consul of India in Lithuania and expressed hope that India’s decision to open its embassy in Vilnius would be realized in the near future. “Adequate diplomatic representation will certainly boost people-to-people, business, parliamentary and governmental contacts between India and Lithuania,” said Mr. Adamkus.

President Adamkus also welcome the newly accredited Ambassador of the Republic of Moldova to Lithuania.

“The people of Lithuania will never forget Moldova’s supporting stance when it recognized Lithuanian independence in May of 1990. The mutual feeling of good-will that was born at that time developed into today’s dynamic and close partnership further enhanced by Moldova’s decision to embark on the road towards Europe, freedom and democracy,” said Mr. Adamkus. 

He pointed out that Lithuania, like the whole of Europe, was closely following Moldova’s steps in implementing reforms, ensuring human rights, the freedom of speech, and other democratic values. “These steps will predetermine future relations of the European Union and Moldova. Lithuania will continue its support to bringing this relationship onto a higher level and making it as close as possible,” said Mr. Adamkus.

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