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President of Lithuanian received credentials from the ambassadors of Bangladesh, Nigeria and the Republic of South Africa

Monday, June 5th (Vilnius). President of the Republic of Lithuania Valdas Adamkus received today the letters of credence from the ambassador of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh, Amir Hussain Sikder, the ambassador of the Federal Republic of Nigeria Ignatius Hekaire Ajuru, and the ambassador of the Republic of South Africa, Dolana Faith Msimang.

During the ceremony of accepting the letters of credence from the ambassador of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh President Adamkus noted that the decisive factor in the contemporary world is not geographical distance between the states, but harmony of relationships and similarity of attitude on key questions of international politics. “The belief in freedom, peace and democratic values brings Lithuania and Bangladesh together. The international community attaches great value to the aspiration of Bangladesh, besides instating these values inside the state, to contribute to the strengthening of peace and stability round the globe,“ said  President of Lithuania. 

Head of the state was positive that Lithuania enjoys a prospect of intensified bilateral relationships through its membership in NATO and the family of the European Union states. “The membership in these organizations puts Lithuania under commitment to take a more vigorous role in the world processes and to join into a co-operation dialogue between the European Union and South Asia, an active participant of which Bangladesh is, “ President noted.

President Valdas Adamkus expressed hopes that the appointment of the new ambassador will stimulate political, economic, cultural, science and education connections of the two states, at least a single bilateral agreement will fortify the co-operation.

Receiving the letters of credence from the ambassador of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, Lithuanian President noted that the two countries have been developing their diplomatic relationships for only six years and have plenty of work to do in the future. “Our mutual efforts will make it possible to identify ways to foster and diversify our relations in the political, economic, cultural, scientific and educational fields. Signing of the first agreements would contribute to that purpose, ” stressed Head of the Lithuanian State.

“Today we enjoy an active and successful co-operation of Lithuania and Nigeria in the international organizations and are ready to perpetuate it in the future. The proactive efforts by Nigeria to ensure security, peace and stability in Africa and outside it reaffirm the fact that in international politics we stand for the same values”, President spoke at the ceremony.

At the credentials presenting ceremony of the ambassador of the Republic of South Africa, Lithuanian President highlighted the fact that despite geographic distances, both countries share common values and interests, and a similar approach to most key international problems. “We are active members of the international organizations acting in support of peace and sustained development not only for our regions, but also outside these. The international community attaches a great value to the leadership role South Africa plays in regulating conflicts in the region; inspiring is also your country’s determination to stand for the interests of the developing countries on the international arena”, stated President Valdas Adamkus.

Head of the Lithuanian State pointed out that in fifteen years since the re-establishment of diplomatic relationships, the two states laid a solid foundation for sound bilateral co-operation. “I am convinced that our mutual efforts will show us the way to the enhancement and expansion of this relationship. I hope that key economic agreements will be finalized and signed in the nearest future, granting to our business people more favourable and co-operative conditions”, Lithuanian President said.

President Valdas Adamkus wished the best of success for all of the ambassadors in performing the mission entrusted to them.

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