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President had a meeting with philanthropist George Soros

New York, September 17th. President Valdas Adamkus of the Republic of Lithuania had a meeting with a famous philanthropist George Soros yesterday in New York.

At the meeting President Adamkus shared his views about development of democracy in the East European countries, problems and challenges faced by the development of civil societies, and Lithuania’s efforts to assist other states in the region to advance on the path of reforms towards democracy.

“I am convinced that experience of the Baltic States‘ in changing from a totalitarian regime to a political system built on democratic principles is very important for these countries,” said President of Lithuania.

President Adamkus pointed out that Lithuanian people are fully aware of the strivings by Ukrainians, Georgians, Moldavians and other peoples in the region, and understand the challenges confronted by these countries.

“We have experienced these developments ourselves, and we have successfully reached the goals set by ourselves, which are freedom, democracy, market economy and international recognition,” emphasized President Adamkus.

President of Lithuania highlighted the importance of the role that global non-governmental organizations have in helping the East European peoples to promote public spirit, strengthen their civil societies and undertake requisite reforms.

“Citizens of these countries wish and have to free themselves from fear, corruption and uncertainty. We – you and us – have both a duty and an ability to help them,” maintained President Adamkus.

Mr. George Soros expressed high appreciations of Lithuania‘s actions when Ukraine was undergoing difficulties, and was interested in President‘s views about situation in Ukraine and Belarus.

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