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International issues discussed by the Baltic leaders in Điauliai

Friday, March 27, Điauliai – Today the President of the Republic of Lithuania Valdas Adamkus met with the President of the Republic of Latvia Valdis Zatlers and the President of the Republic of Estonia Toomas Hendrik Ilves for a traditional meeting of Baltic leaders, this time held in Điauliai.

The three leaders discussed the upcoming NATO Summit, energy security issues, relations with eastern neighbours of the European Union, joint efforts of the EU Member States in responding to the economic crisis, and other issues.

The Presidents welcomed the solidarity demonstrated in the EU Summit and the decision to support the EU Member States in the temporary economic difficulty. According to the President of Lithuania, this support will boost confidence in Baltic financial markets and foster the three economies.

President Adamkus briefed his counterparts on the state of affairs of preparations for the construction of the new nuclear power plant in Lithuania. The President underlined Lithuania planned to draft a business model for the new power plant in the near future and commence concrete works in the beginning of the next year. The Lithuanian leader noted that for the purpose of drafting this business model Lithuania would consult project partners.

“The strategic goal of our country to construct a new nuclear power plant remains,” the President of Lithuania underlined.

In the meeting, Lithuania, Latvian and Estonian Presidents agreed on the importance of creating a functioning Baltic electricity market and implementing Baltic-Swedish electricity link for security and economic competitiveness of the whole Baltic region.

 “The recent EU Summit made a decision to support financially the Baltic-Sweden electricity link. We must take prompt and coordinated actions and use this money efficiently. This is a matter common for us all, Lithuania, Latvia and Sweden,” President Adamkus said.

 The Head of State also underlined the importance of close strategic cooperation between the European Union and the U.S. in addressing the issue of energy security of the region and the whole Europe.

The Lithuanian, Latvian and Estonian President gave a positive assessment of the Baltic Air Policing Mission and agreed the mission should be continued as it served the interests not only of the Alliance but also of the Baltic countries.

The President of Lithuania pointed out in the meeting that the successful development of the EU Eastern Partnership and the financial resources allocated for this purpose were a positive sign of the EU’s commitment to deepen its integration relations with these countries. President Adamkus expressed confidence in the potential of the ambitious cooperation within the framework of Eastern Partnership to stimulate Ukraine, Georgia and Moldova to make more efforts on their path of pursuing reforms and building democracy.

The meeting of the Lithuanian, Latvian and Estonian Presidents was followed by a joint press conference.

Today that Lithuania celebrates the fifth anniversary of its accession to NATO, the Lithuanian, Latvian and Estonian Presidents will visit the Mënaičiai Village, where the Declaration of Independence was signed by Council of Lithuania’s Liberation Movement on 16 February 1949. The Heads of States will lay flowers at the memorial dedicated to the signatories of the Declaration of Independence. Here, the three Presidents will have a meeting with fighters for Lithuania’s freedom: partisans and guardians of historical memory and the environment, and will inspect the exposition of photos and documents.

Later, the Lithuanian, Latvian and Estonian Presidents will go to the Armed Air Force Aviation Base in Điauliai, to watch the presentation of NATO Baltic Air Policing Mission. After the presentation, a media briefing of the three Presidents is planned.

In the territory of NATO Rapid Response Force, the Baltic leaders will watch the demonstration of capacities of NATO Baltic Air Policing Mission and the take-off of fighter-jets.

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